Olive oil


In the Chianti hills of Tuscany, at an altitude of 400m, our olive trees produce a superior category Extra Virgin olive oil.

Among our 600 olive trees there are different varieties of the main Tuscan olive trees ‘Frantoio’, ‘Moraiolo’ and ‘Leccino’. These types of olives are mixed to make an olive oil with an intense smell with a slightly chilly or sweet taste, depending on how much the olives are matured.

We care about making a high quality olive oil, always respecting the nature and our olive trees. For this reason, we choose to press our olives at the end of each day of picking through cold pressing. The olive oil is then bottled without being filtered, so that its natural and organoleptic quality, its pleasing aroma and its taste are well preserved.

Try it for bruschetta with warm bread that enhances the aroma and the flavour or as a condiment for tasty salad

olio tenuta di macericca